Reforms under House/Senate Consideration

Unlike the Senate, the House is considering a package of reforms that come in a single bill that was submitted by House Speaker Adrienne Jones. HB 670 Police Reform and Accountability Act of 2021 contains many good provisions.  But it is missing one key piece: Real independent external community oversight boards with actual investigatory, subpoena and discipline powers.  The good news is that Delegate Williams of District 22 (Prince George's County) is submitting an amendment that will fix this.

Below is a list of the Judiciary Committee members who need to be convinced to vote for her amendment.  Please contact them by email or tweet at them and tell them to support  Delegate William’s Amendment to make a critical improvement to holding police accountable.

@VAtterbeary  [email protected]

@DelBartlett32  [email protected]

@LukeClippinger  [email protected]

@CharCrutchfield [email protected]

@SpeakerAJones [email protected]

@LesleyJLopez [email protected]

@DavidMoon2014 [email protected]

@WanikaFisher [email protected]

@EmilyShetty [email protected]

@DDavisCharlesCo [email protected]

@RonForMaryland [email protected]

Nancy Soreng

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