Unlike many other organizations which focus on a single issue, we strive to identify issues that affect residents in Baltimore County. We are strong advocates of an informed voter, transparency in government and empowerment of individuals. 

Principles Governing Our Work

• Democratic Government
• Voting, Education, Nondiscrimination
• Well-Run and Responsive Government
• Diversity and Inclusion

What we do

• Promote voter registration, education, and advocacy.
• Register new voters at events and naturalization ceremonies.
• Inform residents about local, state, and national issues through monthly The Voter newsletter and social media.
• Hold informational forums and candidate forums.
• Through education and advocacy influence policy in our community.
• Observe the Board of Education meetings and advocate for all students.
• Observe County Council meetings.
• Produce the Voters’ Guide and
• Report on the MD General Assembly.
• Meet with legislators.
• Study issues to create positions to advocate.

Inside this section you'll find more about our advocacy in

We urge you to join us in our fight for a Democracy that listens and is responsive to informed citizens.