Voting Resources

In 2020, more than 6 million people found nonpartisan voting resources on VOTE411, including 2.2 million
Spanish speakers. The website content is provided by Leagues across the county and provides

  • Personalized voting information
  • What's on your ballot
  • Voter Registration 
  • Polling Places
  • Upcoming candidate forums in your area
  • And much more

Voters’ Guide

The League of Women Voters of Baltimore County offers a Voters’ Guide to assist citizens in participating in the upcoming election. The League does not support or oppose any candidate or political party. Our 2024 Primary Election Voters' Guide is now available for viewing.

All candidates running for state and local seats were asked to respond to a nonpartisan questionnaire. Candidates running for a particular office were asked identical questions. Responses from candidates whose names will appear on the ballot are printed as submitted to the League. Thus, some misspelling and typing errors may appear. All responses were limited to 500 characters (750 characters for presidential candidates). If a candidate did not respond by the date required for print publication, “No response received by deadline” is printed in this guide.

Additional information on the candidates is available at, where you will see just the candidates running in your area.

Candidate Forums

Thoughtful, deliberate, and impartial listening followed by critical thinking allows voters to make informed voting decisions. The League hosts candidate forums before elections so voters can hear directly from candidates before making their voting decisions. This allows voters to understand if candidates support their values and concerns. 

Get Involved

Join our Candidate Forums committee, coordinate with candidates and host the virtual forums. 

Join our Voters’ Guide or VOTE411 committee to develop questions for candidates to answer, enter data, design the guide, or distribute printed guides.

To volunteer, contact our office at 410-377-8046 or [email protected].


Everyone deserves access to and information about the votes that will shape their communities. The League of Women Voters engages millions of voters every year ensuring Americans have the information they need to participate in elections that determine our future. The League of Women Voters of Baltimore County provides Voter Services to assist voters in making their own decisions. Local representation determines how to handle issues that are important to our everyday lives, such as local taxes, public improvements, veteran benefits, green space in communities, how the justice system works, how laws are enforced, recycling programs, if police wear body cameras, wearing masks in public, traffic regulations, public transit, who goes to jail or prison and who doesn’t, and even school quality.

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