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Members are what makes our organization come alive. When you join you become a member of LWV (national), LWVMD (state), and LWV Baltimore County.  Be a part of history and join the movement.

Nationwide there are more than 700 Leagues (15 in Maryland) and 500,000 members. As a member, you have access to events, webinars, publications, and the combined efforts of half a million members nationwide who work to advocate for  social and economic justice for all. 

Your LWVBCo membership supports the work done by the League at the county, state, and national level, and you automatically become a member of the state and national League when you join. Dues are split among the organizations and are used to support the League’s work on all levels.

Thank you for renewing.

We especially appreciate and value the support of returning members who assist our nonpartisan efforts both financially and by their commitments of time and effort.

If you have a special interest in fighting voter suppression, opposing partisan and racial gerrymandering, police accountability,  health care, or affordable housing, please contact our office to volunteer.

Download our membership form and pay by check.

The League of Women Voters of Baltimore County, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, which means that any money received for either donations or membership is tax-deductible for the donor as allowed by law.

  • Free to all full-time students over 16. (For student membership, please call (410.377.8046) or email ([email protected]).
  • $60 per individual
  • $100 individual sustaining member (includes membership and a donation)
  • $110 per household
  • $150 sustaining household member (includes membership and a donation)


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