Are you interesting in working in a team?

Join a Committee or Subcommittee

The League is run by volunteers like you!  We rely on members and supporters to do everything from registering new voters to contacting legislators to proofreading newsletters. We could use your skills and talents! 

Executive Committee

Co-President - Tana Hamilton

Co-President - Ericka McDonald 

1st VP - Barbara Crain 

Secretary - Lisa Barkan 

Treasurer - Neilson Andrews 

Action & Observer Corps

Chair - Vacant

County Council Monitoring - Nancy Strohminger

Education - Yara Cheikh

Environment -Vacant

Food Insecurity - Laurie Taylor Mitchell

Healthcare - Neilson Andrews

Land Use - Ralph Rigger

Police Accountability - Ericka McDonald

Racial Equity - Vacant

Housing - Pat Payne


Chair - Vacant

Website - Sharalyn Luciani

Social Media - Tana Hamilton

Emails - Sharalyn Luciani

Publications - Vacant

Newsletters - Stacey Morrison

DEI Task Force

Ericka McDonald

Tana Hamilton

Barbara Crain

Phyllis Panopoulous 

Maggy Lindgren


Treasurer - Neilson Andrews

Investments - Theresa Lawler

Fundraising - Vacant

Membership & Leadership Development 

Chair - Ericka McDonald

Roster Management - Maggy Lindgren

Volunteer Coordinator - Vacant

Programming (Event Planning)

Chair - Tana Hamilton

Studies and Consensus - Vacant 

Legislative Luncheon - Vacant

County/City Speaker Series - Mara Braverman

Annual Meeting - Vacant

Holiday Gathering - Terri Lawler

Redistricting - Vacant

Transportation -

Chair - Phyllis Panopoulos

Voter Services

Chair - Barbara Crain

Poll Evaluation - Barbara Ensor

Additional committees

Jessica Goldberg Endowment Directors (elected)

Chair (2019-2022)

Carol Allen  (2020- 2023)

Theresa Lawler (2018-2021) Barbara Ensor 

Board Nominating Committee

To be determined

State Liaison

Barbara Crain



Committee descriptions

We can always use help in our committees. If you have an idea or talent that isn’t listed, please let us know.  We can find a role that meets your availability and interests.  

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities, please email our Membership Chair, Ericka McDonald ([email protected]) to set up a meeting either via Zoom or a phone call. And please fill out the brief volunteer survey form on our website. 

Action Committee 

Issue Advocate  - Track issues of interest in the county, research and write documents about issues, contact local and state officials, educate the membership, coordinate with other leagues. Issues include: environment and land use, redistricting, education, health care, and transportation, as well as other issues that fit with the league’s positions. 

County Council Observer Corps Members - Observes County Council meetings, updates the league membership through the newsletter, coordinates with other committees, and advocates on issues with the County Executive. 

Action Committee Co-Chair - Help us organize our advocacy activities and make decisions on what to advocate for at the county level.  The Co-Chair coordinates with other Issue Advocates to be sure that we respond in a timely way to advocacy opportunities. Provides resources and training to Issue Advocates to help them learn about and navigate the league. 

LWVMD Legislative Day Attendees - Volunteers to attend and report back on the LWVMD Legislative Day in March. 

Budget & Finance Committee

Treasurer: Financially minded volunteer to take over the Treasurer role in 2022.  The Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee. Responsibilities include: managing league money and legal compliance, overseeing budget and financial records, working with a financial consultant to keep the league books, preparing tax documents, etc. We’ll provide training!

Communications Committee

Communications Chair:  Non-partisan LWV advocate to lead the Communications Committee, including: developing a marketing strategy, sending and coordinating communications to the membership, overseeing social media, publications, and the website. 

Social Media Coordinator(s): Maintain the LWVBCO’s Facebook site, including non-partisan posts and advertising league events. Maintain the Twitter and Instagram accounts for LWVBCO, including non-partisan posts and advertising league events. 

Events Committee

Events Committee Chair: Plan and implement league events, including the Annual Meeting, Holiday Party, and Legislative Luncheon. The Chair coordinates educational events for the membership and community, including Zoom meetings and community presentations.  The Chair works with the Board and other committees to coordinate the promotion of the league and align events with the leagues strategic plan.

Annual Meeting Coordinator: Plan and oversee the LWVBCO Annual Meeting.  The Annual Meeting is a year-end business meeting open to all members to elect officers and directors, vote on bylaw changes, and adopt a budget and program of work for the next year. 

Holiday Party Coordinator: Plan and oversee the LWVBCO annual Holiday Party in December.  The Holiday Party is a social meeting to celebrate the league’s membership and work.  

Program and Consensus Meetings Coordinator- Plan, implement, and report on membership-wide meetings to discuss Programming (league positions) and Consensus (votes on positions). Programming meetings take place once a year in the winter and Consensus Meetings take place as required. 

Fundraising Committee 

Fundraising Chair - Develop and implement a plan for raising funds through events, donations, and grants to support league programs, events, and publications. Oversee charitable giving campaigns for the league. Work with the Board and league committees as needed to promote and coordinate fundraising.  Recruit committee members as needed to implement the fundraising plan. 

Membership Committee

Task Force for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:  Volunteer(s) to work with the Membership Committee to coordinate the recruitment of people from underrepresented groups and work with other committees to ensure inclusion and belonging.

Student Service Learning Coordinator: Investigate and develop a program to create opportunities for high school students to work with the league to fulfil service learning hours. 

Voter Services Committee

Voter Services Volunteers: Assist with planning for the Voters’ Guides and, including cost estimates, broadening distribution of Voters’ Guides, and examining new ways to advertise