Committees and teamwork are the heart of our league’s work. 

The success of every committee depends on volunteers. Volunteer today by emailing the committee chair or use our volunteer page to sign up.

Executive Committee

Co-President   Camille Wheeler (19-21),

Co-President   Tana Stevenson (20-21),

1st VP             Eileen Robier (20-21),

2nd VP             Barbara Crain (20-22),

Secretary         Judith Schagrin (20-21),

Treasurer         Neilson Andrews (20-22),


Office Staff – Maggy Lindgren

Advocacy & Observer Corps – Betsy Sexton,

Education Issues in Baltimore County - Camille Marx,

Board of Education observation corps - vacancy

Baltimore County Social Studies coalition - Carol Wynne,

Food Insecurity – Laurie Taylor Mitchell,

County Council Monitoring – Betsy Sexton,, Carol Wynne,, Judith Schagrin,

Healthcare - Carol Wynne,  Neilson Andrews,

Land Use – Ralph Rigger,

Studies and Consensus - Betsy Sexton,

Transportation - Phyllis Panopoulos,

Finance and Budget

Treasurer – Neilson Andrews,

Investments – Carol Allen,

Fundraising and Communications

Communications - vacant

Emails – Sharalyn Luciani,

Facebook, Social Media –  vacancy

Handbooks and Publications – Sharalyn Luciani,  Neilson Andrews,

Newsletters – Stacey Morrison,

Website – Sharalyn Luciani,

Fundraising - vacancy

Jessica Goldberg Endowment Directors

Theresa Lawler (20-23)

Carol Allen (19-22)

Barbara Ensor (18-21)

Membership and Leadership – Ericka McDonald

            Roster Management – Maggy Lindgren,

            Diversity recruiting and management - Carol Wynne,

            Volunteer management - vacancy

Programming – Judith Schagrin,

Collaboration with City – Judith Schagrin,

Annual Meeting – vacancy

Holiday gathering – vacancy

Legislative Luncheon – canceled 2021

State Liaison – Barbara Crain,

State Student Initiative - Sue Garonzik,

Voter Services – Barbara Crain,

Voter Registration – Barbara Crain,

Poll Evaluation – Barbara Ensor,

Colleges & Universities – Sue and Joe Garonzik,

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