Meet our Board

The Board of Directors is the administrative and policymaking team for the League. Board members often assume specific duties, but all members of the board are responsible for planning and decision-making in several broad areas. The board:

  • Sets priorities and goals for the organization.
  • Carries out overall planning and decision-making.
  • Supports membership, development, and visibility activities.
  • Represents and promotes the League in the community.
  • Safeguards the League’s reputation for nonpartisanship.
Portrait of Teniola Akinwuntan

Teniola Akinwuntan


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Portrait of Angel Lee

Angel Lee

Co President

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Portrait of Sharalyn Luciani

Sharalyn Luciani

Vice President

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Portrait of Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison

Vice President
Term until 2025

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Portrait of Lisa Barkan

Lisa Barkan


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Portrait of Treasurer


Portrait of Neilson Andrews

Neilson Andrews

Board Member
Term until 2024

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Portrait of Nora Miller-Smith

Nora Miller-Smith

Board Member
Term until 2024

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Portrait of Ramona Johnson

Ramona Johnson

Board Member
Term until 2024

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Portrait of Barbara Dezmon

Barbara Dezmon

Board Member
Term Ending 2025

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Portrait of Wandra Ashley-Williams

Wandra Ashley-Williams

Board Member
Term until 2025

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