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Engaging Voters, Defending Democracy

The elections are over for now.  But LWV Baltimore County is still at work. Check our calendar and resources for events and more.


Our value statement emphasizes the belief in the "power of women to create a more perfect democracy."


Over 60 years in Baltimore County.


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We are a 501c(3) grassroots civic organization steeped in history, actively involved in our community, and working hard to fulfill our mission of engaging voters in defending Democracy. We do not support candidates or parties but focus on issues such as voter registration and information, fair representation, quality education for all, equity in housing, and more.   We urge you to join us and help fulfill our mission of engaging voters in defending Democracy.  Click here to join online or call or email the office today!


League of Women Voters of Baltimore County
6600 York Road Suite 211
Baltimore, MD 21212