Act Now HB 222

Tell your delegates to support House Bill 222 — the Value My Vote Act!

In 2016, voting rights were restored to Marylanders who have been convicted of a felony, completed their sentence and are no longer incarcerated. However, no process was put in place to ensure that these citizens could exercise those rights, and many are unaware that they are now allowed to participate in democracy. In addition, Maryland citizens who are incarcerated awaiting trial or convicted of a misdemeanor are eligible to vote but don’t have access to voter registration forms and absentee ballots applications.

The Value My Vote Act (HB 222) requires election officials and correctional institutions to provide information and opportunities to register to vote, to apply for a mail-in ballot, to cast that ballot, and to return it in a timely fashion. Although voter registration may seem easy, people who have been separated from their community may need assistance with registration and voting. The bill’s sponsor, Delegate Wilkins, devoted many hours to meeting with stakeholders to craft a practical and fair process.

Last week the Ways and Means Committee passed HB 222 and it’s headed to the House floor any day now. Please email, phone, or tweet your representatives to ask them to pass this bill and send it to the Senate!

You can find the contact information for your delegates here:

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