Voter Registration - our focus

8/16/2021: Randalstown library and our first voter registration after COVID.

The lull between elections is when the league focuses on voter registration and its antithesis, voter suppression. Our mission is to engage all to use their voice and vote. Due to COVID our work slowed down, but we persevered and visited outdoor events and markets for voter registration. If you are hosting an event and would like our volunteers to register new voters, please contact our office.

If you would like to volunteer to register new voters, please email Carol Wynneor contact our office.

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State Board of Elections’ Report on Maryland’s General Election

The Maryland State Board of Elections has released its final report on Maryland’s 2020 general election. The report begins with a complete description of the history and organization of the November 3 election and continues with sections on various aspects of the election including vote by mail, early voting, and election day voting. Statewide efforts in voter education and voter support (call center and electronic support) are also included. Additional election reports and election-related statistics are also available on the Board’s website.

Looking forward to 2021-22

Voter Registration Following Naturalization Ceremonies

Currently postponed because of COVID, our league attends naturalization ceremonies at the Baltimore Field Office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), to register new citizens to vote. In 2019, we registered a total of 1,134 new voters at this site. Newly naturalized citizens will receive the Voters' Guide for the current election year.  We are looking forward to getting back.

Vote 411 and Printed Voters' Guides

LWV Baltimore County is always working to support democracy, our printed and online guides will return in 2022.  In the meantime we are ready to answer to your questions as well as offer other important information about our elections.  Check for more information or contact our office.