October1, 7 p.m.

Thursday, October 1, 7:00 p.m.

Join Baltimore County Fair Elections and the League of Women Voters of Baltimore County members for a Zoom gathering! Learn about Ballot Question A which would establish a public financing fund system enabling local candidates to run for office without reliance on large or corporate donors.

Rishi Shah from MaryPIRG* will host our meeting. No preregistration is necessary. Please click this link https://publicinterestnetwork-org.zoom.us/j/4759857494?pwd=MGpnKzc4T3ZrMnB6MFhVSS93ZWxTdz09 to join the call October 1 at 7 p.m. The password is 106760. You can also connect using the link on our events page.

If you have any problems joining the Zoom, please contact [email protected]."

o For the Proposed Charter Amendment 

o Against the Proposed Charter

Question A County Charter, Citizens' E

Election Fund System Section 1013 is added to the Baltimore County Charter to: establish a Citizens' Election Fund System for candidates for County Council and County Executive beginning with the General Election to be held in 2026, provide that candidates may choose whether to participate in the system, establish a Citizens' Election Fund Commission, require the Commission to determine the funding of the system, provide for the funding of the system, require the creation of a subfund to receive voluntary contributions by citizens, provide for the order of disbursements from the system, and authorize the County Executive to not fund the system if the County Executive determines that the County's fiscal condition makes it imprudent to do so. (Bill 3-19)

*MaryPIRG is a non-partisan advocate for the public interest. They speak out for a healthier, safer world in which we’re freer to pursue our own individual well-being and the common good. For more information visit https://marylandpirg.org/