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When you join you become a member of LWV (national organization) LWVMD (state organization) and LWV Baltimore County.  Be a part of history and join the movement.

Use this page to pay by PayPal or Credit Card.


  • Free to all full-time students over 16. (Please call the office for student membership.)
  • $60 per person
  • $110 family
  • Additional donations may be made when you join or renew.

Download our membership form and pay by check.

Who's donating

Carrie Montague
Wilma Rosenberger
Tamara Crail-Walters
Sharon Davlin
Sarah McDonough
Barbara Hopkins
Caroline Seamon
Nancy Seibel
Carol Wynne
Jennifer Haire
Donna DeLeno Neuworth
Toya Campbell
Rachelle Varon
Frances Burman
Virginia Probasco
Sarah Smithwright
Marie Mooney McDavid
Carol Tilles
Ericka McDonald
Andrea Curran
Sharalyn Luciani
Nicole Tedeschi
Hannah (rhymes with fauna) Fishman
Nora Linstrom
Norine Andrew
Barbara Bluestone
Anne George
Eileen Vining
Helene Gardel
Donna Eden