Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday


$5, $10, $25, every little bit helps as we work to raise $1000 toward our total anticipated 2020 costs of $18,500 for printing and mailing 30,000 Voters' Guides.

Equal access of reliable information is expensive to produce. Costs continue to rise.

  • In 2018 LWV Baltimore County distributed 30,000 print Guides at 6,500 Baltimore County Libraries, 7500 community centers, senior and retirement centers.  We surpassed all records for distribution!
  • For the primary election alone we spent $6,944 for printing, and almost $3000 for postage. totaling $9,935.23.  We print Guides for both primary and general elections so these fees double. 
  • Next year we estimate it will cost $18,500 to publish two Guides for both primary and general elections. Addionally all information is posted on

Donations are critical to continue producing this valuable resource.

  • Every $10 puts 16 Voters' Guides in the hands of people who need voting information.
  • Donating $25 on #GivingTuesday distributes 40 Voter’s Guides in 2020!
  • A $50 donation on #GivingTuesday will provide 80 Voters' Guides to our county libraries, community centers and retirement homes as well as mail to newly registered voters.

Every amount helps. Please make your gift and help us meet our #GivingTuesday goal of $1000.



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