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Food for Thought Summary

Food for Thought Baltimore County Summary:

In Baltimore County alone, there are over 2,500 students in the public school system who fall into the category of “homeless and in desperate need.” During the school week, these students have access to at least one meal each day; however, on weekends and extended breaks from school, these students are not guaranteed access to food. They are “food insecure,” that is, their access to nutritious food is chronically unstable.

According to Share Our Strength's No Kids Hungry Campaign, 77% of teachers say that addressing childhood hunger should be a national priority. Children who do not get enough food are distracted, display behavioral problems, and complain of headaches and stomachaches in school. Hunger at a young age is a major obstacle to success throughout life. And few children are as hungry as children who are homeless and in desperate need. 

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